Student Comments

The Red Shoe Workshop

  •  “The Red Shoe Project is a highly innovative approach to self-expression. It does not come with the self-congratulatory smugness of so many find-your-true-self-and-be-free workshops – which is one of its many virtues. The playfulness and spirit of adventure that permeates this workshop liberated me to explore redness freely, to release the stress of goal-oriented activity, and to watch with considerable curiosity (and entertainment) what emerged from my hands, my machine and my red fabric. Even when personal pain surfaced as I sewed alone, the workshop's overriding sense of playfulness provided sufficient support for me to feel safe – and to sew some more.” Gill Rennie

  • “It’s fun, it’s different, and so relaxing, Sally creates an inspiring, supportive and companionable space - she’ll help you to create whatever shoes you envisage, and encourage you to express whatever it is you want to convey.” Asta Rau

  • “This workshop is incredibly rich on many levels and will meet your needs where you are at.” Sue Cooling

  • "The workshop lived up to all my expectations. Not only was it very technically accomplished but it was also very inspirational." Mariss Stevens

  • "Sally’s Red Shoe workshop is incredible, and I would highly recommend it to you. The workshop is inspirational, in that it encourages you to look at your life from a fresh and unique perspective. It lets you explore your womanhood, your life and your belief systems in a warm and supportive environment, where you can laugh and cry with other woman while not feeling judged. I encourage you to take part in the Red Shoe workshop as it will let you grow as an individual and spiritually in ways you never thought possible." Lindsay Clarke


         Community Workshops

  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding course you gave at the centre. You have such a compassionate heart, and have a way of dealing with persons from this sector of the community. You touched their lives in a way that words cannot describe. The atmosphere in the centre has a warm glow to it since this workshop.” Debbie Kruger. Centre manager Sikelela Skills Development Centre, George. February 2011
  • "I enjoyed it very, very much.

    My heart is now clean.

    Thank you Sally." Lettie Fortuin

  • "This workshop made me see once more that I am precious.

    ‘Baie dankie Sally vir allis dit is iets dat ek altyd sal onthou’

    ‘Thanks Sally, this is something I will never forget!!" Veronique Witbooi



Drawing Workshops

  • "Sally creates around her a salubrious climate of co-operation, an ambience in which each talent – whether tender or robust – can flourish. She is absolutely true to herself..." Philna Ferreira (Senior Art Advisor, KwaZulu Natal High Schools.
  • “I love the ability Sally has to engender creativity – guiding without imposing…”
  • “If anyone has taught me the true meaning of art, it’s you.”
  • "I have found working with Sally inspiring; with her cheerful friendliness and positive encouragement, my artistic ability has really developed in the last two years. Sally has taught me to be patient, to take time, observe details and be more aware. She is a teacher who takes time to explain drawing methods clearly and demonstrates each point carefully. My art lessons with Sally have been a wonderful experience."-Sandy Jacot-Guillarmod
  • “Thank you, Sally, for opening the doors of the world to me…”
  • "You have given my daughter a tremendous boost not only in her art, but in herself..."


         Creative Journaling and University Workshops

  • “Sally’s class has made me more aware of the impact I am having on the world and has given me a chance to awaken my suppressed feelings.” Rhodes Journalism student.