My Studio

Set amongst trees on a grassy hillside overlooking the Karkloof Valley, my art studio is where I spend much of my time thinking, exploring and creating without distraction. It is also a gathering place for kindred spirits who wish to join me in sharing ideas and making art together. It has been described by those who have spent time in it as a magical red tent, a space where transformation happens without one even being aware of it.

The activities within my studio are very varied, and I move from one genre to another depending upon mood and season. I draw, write, paint, sew and journal, sometimes separately, but at other times bringing the media together.

The quiet, concentrated time I spend in the studio is akin to meditation and has taught me much about myself and the world around me. Through trial and error, I have learned to trust the creative process and allow my inner impulses to take me where they will. I have discovered the deep satisfaction that comes with creation and it is my joy to be able to share it.